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Older Americans are remarkably healthy these days. However,  healthy aging cannot be taken for granted. Nearly half of older Americans suffer from arthritis, about one-third have high blood pressure or heart disease, and more than one-tenth have diabetes. Cancer and osteoporosis are also prevalent as we age. 

Fortunately, these disorders, and the disabilities that can accompany them, can often be prevented or delayed until much later in life. Extensive research has shown that genes account for only about one-third of the health problems associated with aging. Lifestyle factors, which have a greater impact on health during middle and late life than in early adulthood, account for the rest. 

So what can you do right NOW, at your current age—to adjust your lifestyle and live longer? And do so with your health, your mind, your mobility, and your spirit intact? 

Find advice for healthy living — including the latest lifestyle recommendations on diet, exercise, proper medical care (including the safe and effective use of medications), and other measures aimed at disease prevention that can help you maintain your health. 


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Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease:
A Guide for the Home Caregiver

Written by two world-renowned Alzheimer’s specialists -- Dr. Peter Rabins and Dr. Ann Morrison, this practical 134-page guide provides detailed advice on how to successfully manage your day-to-day responsibilities – to your patient and to yourself. Chapters include: When It’s Time to Take Away the Car Keys, Personal Care for the Dementia Patient, Dealing with Alzheimer’s Troubling Behavior Problems, Dealing with Alzheimer’s Troubling Behavior Problems, Deciding to Move a Loved One into Residential Care.

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